My logo

The sole purpose of Cowboy Media is to communicate positive messages relating to the Agricultural Industry

Pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson. new logo for a training programme. The programme will provide training courses for dermatology nurses

Platform for the people/businesses to compare/challenge material assets/products with other users/businesses. It is a way to express “mine is better that yours”,

tabletop sweetener based on xylitol, a 100% natural sweetener that looks and tastes like sugar but has less calories.

an interactive "Play Shop" for children

Entertainment company that produces movies and TV programs

WriterCube, the first application created especially for Authors and other Book Professionals who want a better way to take charge of their brands and their business. is a site where breeders and people looking to purchase a new pet can come together. The site brokers the purchase of pets online and guarantees the integrity of the breeder and bloodline. We are looking for a logo the reflects the site's purpose and integrity. Something that is fun with a little spunk to it, yet classy and professional all the same.

A nonprofit organization that brings a unique game to schools around the world. Workshops are held in schools and teach a combination game of Australian Football, Basketball, Rugby and Soccer.

young company who run and develop communities and forums.
Furthermore we are specialized in social media, social media marketing and social media networking.

faux social networking site

An online tool for creating and sharing landing pages of a restaurant's daily specials.

Technical Consulting ( Web Development, Computer/Server/Network Consulting)

World's first FULL Digi-photo service ... A customer uploads an unlimited number of pictures they took at an event, we process them, sort the best from the rest, enhance, edit where necessary & produce an exciting & elegant photo slideshow, with their choice of music.
This is burnt to a custom printed DVD & sent to the customer as a fully hands-off digital photography solution.

production company that focuses on indie film features

Tickle Monster Toy Company

marketing company that raises money for various non-profits

Michelle helps business succeed at fuelling collaboration, unlocking innovation, boosting productivity and winning loyalty by fusing positive psychology, neuroscience and gamification to ensure your people are motivated and engaged and your clients are satisfied and committed.

accommodation business with 6 cottages in the beautiful Otways ranges

design and sell contemporary women's tops, dresses, skirts and sweaters emphasizing exquisite details and vibrant silks upon bodies that are at once feminine, graceful and timeless.

Real Estate product that people buy to get over 2000 Buyers for Homes in their database a month. It's all about building a HUGe buyers list and when Buyers On Fire helps you build that it will turn your business on fire.

helps Educators improve student achievement by providing a complete picture of a student’s academic and behavioral progress

sell computer accessories B2C

the coalition against racism in israel